A Menorah Coloring Page Is A Wonderful Holiday Activity

A Menorah Coloring Page Is Wonderful Holiday Activity Happy Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah Menorah Coloring Page

A great party idea for Hanukkah is a menorah coloring page. This is a great activity for children. It doesn't matter how old they are because they will still get in the spirit of celebrating. When you hold a menorah coloring session, make sure that you prepare the materials ahead of time. You can use your menorah for the activity or get a new one to do this activity. Let me show you how to do this activity.

To make your own free printable menorah coloring pages, you need to gather the following supplies: two large sheets of card stock, two pieces of paper, scissors, some crayons and a small bottle of hand pomade glue. Have all of these items ready before you begin. You will also need a large bowl that can fit in the middle of the table. You will also need some white construction paper to trace patterns onto the cards. You can make up your own designs or search online for free patterns. I suggest having your own menorah pattern printed out so you don't have to guess what colors to use and where.

Menorah Hanukkah Coloring Page
Menorah Hanukkah Coloring Page

Let's start preparing your menorah. You will first want to take your large bowl and place it in the center of your table. Then, cut a hole in the top for the paper to hang on. Use the crayon to carefully trace some letters and shapes onto the front and back of the paper.

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Now that you have your menorah prepared, let's get down to business. I know that for some of you this might seem overwhelming. However, once you get started you will feel a sense of accomplishment. The next step is to cut the paper into the correct amounts of color for your menorah. This might be the most fun part of the whole process.

Once you have your menorah colored, use a pair of scissors to cut the different colors of paper into even strips. Once you have the strips you can color them together. Make sure that you use a steady hand. You want to be able to create layers of color in a straight line. Next, place one sheet of your menorah on the bottom sheet and the other sheet on top of the first. Next, use your hands to gently fold the second sheet over the first so that it is even all the way around.

BACA JUGA:  A Menorah Coloring Page Is A Wonderful Holiday Activity

You will then repeat this process for the remaining two sheets. Once you are done with two sheets, you can then apply your artwork to each sheet by using your decorating tool. This might include gluing beads onto the sheet, or even cutting out pictures to fit.

Printable Menorah Coloring Page
Printable Menorah Coloring Page

Before you put your Menorah on display or use it as a table decoration, you should take great care in its maintenance. Since a menorah can be very fragile, it is important that you take special precautions when handling it. For example, you should never let your children play with it. It is also very important that you do not expose it to direct sunlight. If you follow these precautions, your Menorah will be beautifully displayed for years to come.

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The holidays are an ideal time to bring home a new menorah. With the large array of holiday colors, it is also a wonderful way to teach your child how to color. So the next time you have to look through the coloring books at the store, consider including your children in the activity. They too will enjoy learning to color their own menorahs.

writen by Alyse Penrod | November 21, 2021

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